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We are experienced, "hybrid" business consultants with over 20+ years practical experience in IT & business assignments.

Spanning project and programme management, e-commerce, process re-engineering, quality programmes, systems strategy and varied business analysis programmes.

We have extensive experience of the interaction with customers and suppliers through the provision of a range of solutions including  Knowledge Base, EBPP, full ERP and MIS data warehousing.

Most recently, we have specifically operated within a focused Telco environment:

Programme managing the successful delivery of a multi-contact centre Knowledge Base Application.

The set-up of a new B2B Sales support team for a 50 strong Telco direct sales force.

Created the Business requirements for the first phase of a B2B e-billing solution.

Previous Assignments:

Designing and facilitating end-to-end B2B and B2C solutions, including the delivery of e-business Portal propositions for customers within the vehicle management arena.

We are used to managing large teams of inter-disciplinary            resources.

We have programme managed business unit convergence.

Developed business-based intranet and extranet solutions.

Lead customer service business requirement & gap analysis.

Developed “Focus on the customer” training initiatives.

Above all we are very “customer focused”.