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“Web this and web that” I hear you say.......and why not indeed?

Why are so many companies afraid of providing a customer “self-serve” environment?

Just listen to your customers, ask them what they want and you will find they want an “easy way to do business with you”.

  • A time and cost saver for them
  • They still want control. (financially and policy adherence)
  • Service Levels that “Delight”, not just “meet expectation”
  • Helps them focus on their customers and their business goals
  • Seen as real business benefit
  • Not just another way of doing the same old process.
  • Adds value that they can pass on to their customers.

Don’t just develop the same existing processes, procedures & systems in a new media.

Show your customers that you are focussing on their requirements to provide an “easy way to do business with you”.